Sunday, 27 May 2018

Harriet Ogden II

Harriet Ogden's second graduate collection was created for Terry Pratchett's The Carpet People. 

Chief of the Munrungs tribe & the Dust. The book is set amongst the fibres of a carpet. Fantasy creatures such as the Munrung tribe travel across the carpet. Surreal movement and the transformation of the human body lead my research. Parodies of everyday objects from our world were inspirational when designing for these characters (dust, receipt). Harriet Ogden
These costumes came alive with dance and reminded me of some of Nick Cave's sound suits. 

This costume used drop sheeting that is a felt of fabric scraps created using waste textiles, the perfect carpet dust creature textile.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Beth Bullock

These are Beth Bullock's costumes for 'Ring Round The Moon' by Christopher Fry.
"Joshua the crumbling butler and Isabelle, the belle of the ball. An adaptation of Jean Anouilh's Invitation to the Castle, written and first produced in the 1950's London the play was senseless in nature, providing escapism for post-war audiences. Being host to a group of eccentric characters both wealthy and poverty stricken. Influences have come from post-war design such as 1920's silent film, and 1950's burlesque and couture."  Beth Bullock
                     Isabelle photographed by Laurence Winram

Above is the stylish elegant, couture costume of Isabelle. In contrast the costume for Joshua was fantastic in it's abstract, accentuated proportions, enormous collars and cuffs, one arm trailing the ground, the other normal to facilitate holding the tray at a jaunty angle. All with a faded grandeur created by a fraying waistcoat and beautiful satin jacket embellished with golden trim and many golden paper mâché balls as beaded trim. The fabulous Samuel Froggatt completely bought this character to life.

Friday, 25 May 2018

An-Ru Cheng I

"Daniel and Esther; 'The Possibility of an Island' is a nihilistic fiction, alternating between past and future. Daniel is a misanthropic comedian whose costume is inspired by 18th Century tailoring and laughter. Esther is a passionate actress who has many lovers, including Daniel. her costume is inspired by the instability and passion of love." An-Ru Cheng
In the costume of Esther An-Ru has created a woven bodice of cords that reach out like tendrils, when the wearer moves, but also very much resembles an arterial system, knotted closely over Esher's heart.
Daniel's tailored outfit is embellished with laughing faces it is a silent movie of a costume, mimed silent expressions leap out from the mask, the waistcoat and the tails of the jacket.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Rhia Cook

This week is DCA degree show and I stole away on Monday to see what wonders had emerged in this year's graduate portfolios. I always love the work of the textiles department, imparticular their sketchbook and development work is fantastic to see. Rhia Cook's work really caught my eye and made me smile as she had been working with figures from British politics, Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon.

Collaging features printing, embroidering and flocking them onto fabric and creating a bespoke knitted waistcoat for the cyclist, Mr Corbyn.

"Young people have a reputation for not being engaged in politics. Consistently low voter turnout in 18-24-year-olds has led to many politicians not focusing on appealing to this audience. This has lead to young people’s voices being underrepresented in parliament. To tackle this, I have created a range of textile objects that aim to get more young people in universities to talk about politics and, in turn, have their opinions heard by politicians. By making funny textiles and using them as a facilitator in a workshop style setting, the issues that are important to young people are raised and documented. The hope is that the views gathered, when broadcast, will spark real change and encourage more young people to talk about politics. The collection is heavily influenced by political satire, with its focus being gently mocking Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon, two politicians who are already making headway in engaging young voters. Visually, inspiration has been taken from the oddness of Dadaism and the politician’s personalities to create a gentle, mossy Corbyn and bold, nationalistic Sturgeon. Together, the combination of humour and soft 3D textiles provides an almost child-like, non-threatening way to introduce the idea of politics into conversations, changing the tone from serious to silly to engage more young people. The objects I’ve created may make you laugh, but they also make having the often-awkward conversation of politics just that little bit easier." Rhia Cook

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Liberty Bramall I

This Peter Rabbit from The Tales Of Beatrix Potter is part of Liberty Bramall's graduate collection for ECA Performance Costume.
Liberty's attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship is a joy to behold. including the surface design of the jacket lining fabric and blouse, details like the carrot buttons, felted vegetables on the hat and the tufty fur poking through the trousers, hand embroidery and flocked carrots.

The distinctive, anthropomorphic characters from Beatrix Potter's famous Edwardian children's stories have been reimagined for a modern audience. The use of oversized millinery, padded silhouettes, and hand-drawn prints capture a sense of playfulness and humour. The designs are a nostalgic nod to the comforting childhood world that Potter created.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Harriet Ogden I

Harriet Ogden's graduate collection at the ECA performance costume show featured designs for Madam Butterfly. These designs were incredibly elegant, displaying stunning craftsmanship including incredible acoustic handmade porcelain tile beads, that sang in a clear chime as the model moved. The underdress was indigo perfection using techniques of sashiko. Harriet has obviously used this project to learn and master various skills such as Shibori and Sashiko and has gone on a fantastic journey of development culminating in some exquisite work.

"Cultural inaccuracies and stereotypes are commonly associated with portrayals of Puccini's opera and this fuelled my exploration into Japanese culture. Allowing me to interpret the story by adding realism while simultaneously infusing modernity. Research into Japanese 'folk' clothing and it's production methods has instilled my final costume with authenticity." Harriet Ogden

Monday, 21 May 2018

Lucy Hutchcraft II

This year I modelled at ECA for Lucy Hutchcrafts' Performance costume graduate collection alongside Josh Going as characters from 'Cluedo'.
I was Mrs. Peacock, feathery elegance from the stunning hat down to the toes of the shoes, to match the dapper green, velvet suited Josh Going as Mr Green. 
"These costumes were created for an immersive theatre experience based on the much loved game 'Cluedo' from the 1950's. Staged in a warehouse space with a se designed similar to the board, audiences would be amongst the comedic 'whodunit' action. Was is Mrs Peacock, in the study, with the candlestick? Or Mr Green, in the library, with the revolver?" Lucy Hutchcraft

Mr Greens' costume had incredible details hidden everywhere, clues to be discovered. The lining of the jacket has the Cluedo floor plan printed on it. His tie had details from the floor plan and the cufflinks were made with the tiny weapon place markers from the game, whilst the handkerchief placed the blame on Mrs. Peacock with 'Candlestick' printed clearly for everyone to see. Unfortunately his briefcase reveals his guilt bursting open spilling forth money and the murder weapon for everyone to see. If you missed the performances you can see all off these creations at the ECA degree show from June 2-10 2018 and the work of Josh Going (Mr Green) in the Landscape Architecture display.